Child Rights Protection and Promotion Programme

Preventing gender based violence through the promotion of gender equity is a key component of FISD's GBV programme. The following is a poster aimed at challenging the existing beliefs on masculinity that are conducive to violence against women. It was used in a campaign specifically targeting youth.

Objective of the Child Rights Protection and Promotion (CRPP) programm is to make duty bearers at all levels accountable to uphold the rights of the child. Hence, the project aims to build capacity of relevant national actors, local governments, child protection agencies, community actors, and schools.

CRPP programme also aims to reduce child protection risks through raising awareness at the child, parent and community level. Children partaking in child protection is recognized as an important aspect. Therefore in order to develop the skills of children a child club system with a curriculum, a manual, and a reward system of certificates for skills developed by children is being practiced at community level. The curriculum and the manual are recognized by the Samurdhi Authority for their child clubs as well.

A community based protection mechanism, alert groups are established for prevention of child rights violations. The alert groups identify the cases, provide community based care and will refer to relevant service providers where ever it is necessary.

At the divisional level one of the main objectives is also to mobilise the service providers towards empowerment and prevention activities and to develop links between community and divisional level for effective response

The programme covers 4 districts and 8 divisions, in that directly 3 GS divisions per DS and indirectly covers 5 GS divisions through other division based mechanisms.

Children’s camps is an important feature in FISD’s child rights Protection and promotion programme. Each camp is different from one another which offer children multiple age appropriate learning experiences. Such can be positively changing the lives of children. Children will learn life skills, develop self-esteem, sharpen the power of decision making, make new discoveries and explore the creativity in them. More than anything they will have lot of fun and make new friends