The Foundation for Innovative Social Development (FISD) is an NGO based in Sri Lanka committed for qualitative social development. We work towards social development through a cohesive holistic approach for the protection and promotion of child rights, enhancing the status of women and girls, and prevention of sexual and gender-based violence, and creating of alcohol and drugs free lifestyle.

Our core values are equity, innovation (right based, evidence-based), and justice; and these have helped us achieve our goal of empowering marginalized and victimized people and communities while encouraging participation required for sustainable change.



Empowered communities enjoy rights, justice and equity in a dynamic Sri Lanka.


To provide innovative solutions for building capacity in [community, government and private] stakeholders to work towards sustainable development with justice and equity in an empowered and dynamic civil society.

Through meaningful methodologies and practices, we support communities to mobilize and work in partnership towards the enhancement of the status of women, and the creation of healthy environments for child development, and a society free of alcohol and drugs.

Our Location

95/10, Bodhiya Road,
Mirihana, Nugegoda
Sri Lanka

Phone Number

+94 (0) 11 2779665
+94 (0) 11 2779172

Opening Times

8.30am – 4.30pm