FISD as a national NGO is committed to contribute to the strengthening and working in solidarity with the Civil Society Sector Local and Globally.

Our mission is further solidified by our role as the acting secretariat for the Gender and Development Network (GADNet), and many of our initiatives are conducted through this network. We also owe a special acknowledgement to our partners in the many initiatives we carried out with who have helped us in our mission, including Men Engage Alliance (National and Regional), Family For Every Child (Regional and Global), Forum Against GBV, NACG and SLAPA/APAPA.

MenEngage Alliance

MenEngage Alliance is a global network which creates space for members to come together in solidarity with those most targeted by gender injustices and patriarchal systems to collectively dismantle structural barriers to women’s rights and gender equality.

FISD officially took over as the national secretariat for Men Engage Alliance Sri Lanka in 2016 and have come a long way in our commitment for transforming patriarchal masculinities for gender justice since then. In 2020 FISD became the regional secretariat for MenEngage South Asia and contributed towards engaging 5 member countries towards regional advocacy on gender justice. The program director of FISD is appointed as the Global Co- Chair of Men engage Alliance in December 2022. READ MORE

Forum against Gender Based Violence in Sri Lanka

Forum against Gender Based Violence in Sri Lanka – established in 2005, the National Forum against Gender Based Violence (also known as Forum Against GBV) Sri Lanka came into existence to ‘facilitate greater coordination, sharing of information/resources and to strengthen multi sectoral responses to GBV during the aftermath of the Tsunami. FISD, being a part of the National Forum, has been using a bottom-up and top-bottom approach to strengthening empowerment, prevention and response against SGBV and a sustainable community empowerment model.

Family For Every Child

Family For Every Child – Family for Every Child, a global alliance of national civil society organizations, has supported hundreds of thousands of children and their families across the globe. Currently FISD is a Gen Member/ Member of the Domestic Violence working group.

The National Action and Coordination Group (NACG)

The National Action and Coordination Group (NACG) is an established network with presence in South Asia, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, with an aim to address and stop violence against women and children. It is the civil society arm of South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC). In 2014, FISD became the NACG Chair for the first time. We reprised the role in 2018 and again in 2020.

Girls not Brides

Girls not Brides – A Global partnership of over 1500 Civil Society organizations working to end child marriage. FISD is a General Member.

Commonwealth 8.7 network

Commonwealth 8.7 network is a group of Civil Society networks with a membership of over 60 organizations across the world working towards eradicating contemporary forms of slavery and human trafficking. Currently FISD is a Gen Member and a Member of Communication & capacity building working group.


SLAPA/APAPA – The Sri Lanka Alcohol Policy Alliance (SLAPA) is an alliance of civil society organizations set up for the purpose of facilitating meaningful dialogue among civil society actors as well as between civil society actors and relevant policymakers. Its key focus is to push for effective policy formulation and implementation to reduce the supply and demand for alcohol and address pertinent problems related to alcohol use.

FISD, through our ADD program, is a founder-member of SLAPA and the joint organizer of it since 2015. SLAPA is permanently established and advocates for the development, passing and/or implementation of effective alcohol policies at both the national and district levels.

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