FISD was established in June 2011, where it undertook the task of completing a program cycle that FORUT (A Norwegian INGO functioned in Sri Lanka since 1980-2011) began in 2009. Being one of the organizations established during the localization process of FORUT, FISD today stands proudly as a leading national civil society organization working directly with the grassroots all the way through to the districts, national and international level, testing innovative models for social change. Looking back at the past decade, it is a pleasure to note that the FISD has grown into a knowledge hub (and action node) with viable models for social change, tested at the grass root level, and used as evidence for advocacy for policy change. These models are shared with national as well as international civil society organizations and networks.

Since our establishment in July 2011, we have worked tirelessly with the aim of facilitating social development (in Sri Lankan society and beyond) progress and empowering lives. Our efforts are targeted at tackling issues that are considered to be leading influencing factors that contribute to social injustice, violation of human rights, and degradation of the overall quality of life.

We have launched multiple projects, executed under three thematic areas: Alcohol Drugs and Development (abuse of alcohol and other drugs and related harms); Protection and Promotion of Children’s Rights; and Prevention of Sexual and Gender-based Violence. These efforts coalesce into the final goal of building a culture of care with shared roles and accountable practices towards a safer and more sustainable society.

The overall goal of FISD, as an organization, is to encourage and support to build empowered communities, in partnership with community leadership, service providers and civil society organizations, and actively promote women and children’s rights, protect and support children and women when these rights are violated, and limit harms due to alcohol and drug use.

Our Location

95/10, Bodhiya Road,
Mirihana, Nugegoda
Sri Lanka

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+94 (0) 11 2779665
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8.30am – 4.30pm