Alcohol & Drug Prevention

The impact of alcohol and other drugs are linked to every area of society. From an individual’s life to that of the wider society, alcohol and drugs influence human emotions and practices. Alcohol and other drugs are promoted as social promotions and people in every age category develop positive expectancies, created by these positive social norms, which further add value to the consumption of alcohol and drugs. These need to be addressed by challenging and breaking the established social norms and values.

Empowering communities to challenge the expectancies:
By empowering communities to challenge expectancies, helps to question the promotion of alcohol and drugs in society. Moreover, social promotions targeting different age groups and the promotional strategies needs to be challenged and questioned. Challenging and questioning the social norms that add value to its consumptions would reduce the demand for alcohol and drugs. By empowering communities to lead the fight, reclaiming the ownership in battling alcohol and drugs in society, and their active participation in prevention and challenging expectancies have helped communities to understand how effective these programs are when it is their own responsibility in alcohol and drug prevention.

Key Strategies we use for Empowering Communities

Education and Awareness: Raising awareness about social promotions of alcohol and drugs, its impacts, and its risks are crucial. Educational initiatives include workshops, community dialogues, and campaigns that challenge harmful social norms and promote healthy personalities. FISD “Happy Families” approach focuses on the prioritizing of family happiness, which in turn creates a background to gain a clear understanding of family happiness.

Skill-Building and Capacity Development: Alcohol and Drugs prevention program helps communities to highlight their skills and use them in its prevention. The rational thinking and the capacity of decision makings over right information, ability to question the expectancies and the right of choice in a more responsible way is strengthened by this program.

Engaging children and youth: From the individual to wider society, alcohol and drugs prevention programs approach through different levels. Materials promoting alcohol and drugs mainly targets children and youth. Therefore, alcohol and drugs prevention program aim to utilize children and youth actively to influence and work towards prevention.

Strengthening the policies – Advocacy for better laws, mechanisms and limitations in alcohol and drugs preventions are suggested by analyzing the current national contexts. Furthermore, ADD program pressures the policy makers and authorized officers by representing the voice of communities as a bottom to top approach on alcohol and drug preventions.