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In response to the devastating floods that impacted the Matara district and other regions of Sri Lanka, a comprehensive relief effort was initiated to provide essential goods, including dry rations and school stationary, to the affected population.

The floods and landslides severely affected several districts, with Matara being one of the hardest hits. The floods trapped a significant number of families, resulting in displacement and the urgent need for assistance, with 2,906 families directly affected and a staggering total of 10,510 individuals grappling with the aftermath. The extent of the devastation is reflected in the housing situation, with 20 homes completely destroyed, rendering families homeless and in urgent need of shelter. Additionally, 584 houses have suffered significant damage.

The Matara District Secretariat identified critical needs, including food, clean water, mosquito coils, sanitary materials, and resources for cleaning and repairing damaged schools and homes.

Thihagoda, Malimbada, Kamburupitiya, and Akuressa DS Divisions were prioritized due to the severe impact of the floods.

The distribution in response to the flood crisis in Matara district made a significant impact on the lives of the affected population. The collaborative efforts of various stakeholders and the targeted approach in addressing the identified needs have contributed to the recovery and rebuilding process. Continuous monitoring and engagement with the community remain essential for sustained support as the affected areas work towards normalcy.