Dr. Champa Gunasekara


Dr. Champa Gunasekara, co-founder of FISD, is a highly accomplished lawyer, who holds an impressive academic background in Project Management, Conflict Resolution and Management. Dr. Gunasekera aspires to foster an inclusive and non-threatening management culture while strategically guiding the organization.

Dr. Gunasekera has worked tirelessly for three decades to realize her passion for defending children’s rights. With years of experience and intensive training, she is now a consultant, advocate, and trainer in both national and international arenas.

Dr Gunasekara’s influential roles include being the first Chairperson of FISD, serving as its General Secretary since 2016. She also act as the advisor for FISD’s Child Rights programmes. She is one of the visionaries who set up the framework of a Civil Society Network for Child Rights, Child Rights Advocacy Network (CRAN) in Sri Lanka. She also holds the position of Chair of the National Action Coordination Group (NACG) Sri Lanka, the network of civil society organizations set up under South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC) since 2013 contributing significantly to regional and national action plans to end violence against children. Her unwavering dedication and expertise have made her a respected figure in the field, benefiting children.